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Hey guys ! In today’s article I want to discuss 4 Strategies To Utilize Your Instagram Bio Link Completely. Yes, that one single link that Instagram graciously allows us to use on our profiles. The one link that you have to promote what it is you have to offer. And the one link that so many Instagram users don’t take full advantage of.

There’s many ways to utilize this link, and today I want to share those options with you, and discuss their pros and cons.

Link Strategies

So first of all the most popular thing to do with the link in your bio is to use a tool that allows you to link to multiple different pages that makes your one single link multiplied into many which can obviously be very beneficialm i f you have numerous places you’d like to send your audience.

This is a smart way to make better use of your singular link. However it can have its negatives if not used correctly. So again that’s what I want to go over today strategic link usage and which tools you may want to consider using. So let’s start with the strategy.

First Link Strategy

Link strategy number one : If you’re promoting something urgent and timely like a product launch or a sale, use a singular direct link. Every click someone has to take to get to their final destination is an opportunity for them to drop off. So take away all unnecessary steps by using one link.

When the time is of essence and you don’t want them going anywhere else. Other times using a link in bio tool that allows you to link to multiple destinations, makes the most sense. However this doesn’t mean you should link to absolutely everything.

Second Link Strategy

Link strategy number two : When using a link in bio tool limit the amount of links that you share. Analysis paralysis is a thing, and it can really affect your click-through rate. So you’ll want to limit your total amount of links used. I suggest using no more than can fit on your mobile screen without having to scroll. Generally this is around five or six.

Third Link Strategy

Link strategy number three : All the links you share should direct to something important. Sharing a link that goes to your home page is less effective and important than sending them directly to your latest blog post, your services page, or an opt-in form.

Ideally you’re sending them directly where you want them. Want some extra views on a new video send them there, trying to build your list send them to your opt-in page. Anything that doesn’t make the cut doesn’t need to be in your link link strategy.

Fourth Link Strategy

Number four : Always remind your audience to click the link in your bio. Now this tip isn’t specific to what you put in your bio but rather getting traffic to it. If you’ve never tell your audience to visit your link they won’t be able to make it to all the destinations you’ve lined up for them in every post. Don’t forget to use a call-to-action that encourages visits to that link.

Link In Bio Tools

Okay so now that we have a strategy out of the way let’s talk about your link in bio options. If you did a quick Google search you’ll quickly notice there are hundreds of services to choose from. So to make things easier I’ve narrowed it down to three options I think provide the best value and are worthy of using those three.

Link tree is probably the most popular service in this space, and I used it for awhile myself. It offers a free plan, unlimited links and some basic analytics. This is great for any newbie who wants a quick and easy way to multiply the amount of links in their bio.

However I find that link tree is very generic since it’s so popular and there’s limited customization on the free plan. It can end up looking like everyone else’s link in bio. So it’s super important for your feed and your offerings to stand out on Instagram, and your link should be no different.

Next is taplink and it’s actually my preferred choice. They have a free plan that offers more than most including text, blocks, unlimited links, design customizations, and FAQ sections. But the magic is in their paid plan that starts at just 2 dollars a month.

With the paid plan you get access to a lot of options. I have never seen on a link bio service before such as embedded videos, Maps, countdown timers, custom HTML, opt-in forms, an even payment processing. With these features you can really take full advantage of the link in your bio by turning it into a lead generator or a checkout page.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that asking your audience to take more than one step increases the likelihood of them dropping off. Well with tap link you can avoid that completely by having everything. They need directly on the first tap of your link. I guess that’s why they probably called it that and this article is not sponsored by taplink, but I really do like them and have been enjoying their service.

Now finally I want to talk about by Later. This service is a bit different as it doesn’t use text links or buttons, but rather allows you to add a link to each image you’ve uploaded to your feed. This is how we wish our feats actually worked.

Being able to add a link to every post would be a real dream but it is not possible, but later has come up with the next best thing. Now my only complaint here is that it’s not obvious what the user is getting when they click.

For example if you’re scrolling through my feed, read the caption on one of my posts that encourages you to click the link in my bio to say take my free Instagram master class, then you go to the link my bio, and you’re presented with a grid of images.

Now you one might be confused and think wait what did I just click on, and two you might not remember which image it was that included that call-to-action. I see this as a pretty much guaranteed way for visitors to get lost on the way to the value on your website.

However having said that I do think that this type of service is amazing for fashion bloggers or potentially anyone in e-commerce visually seeing the product that they want to learn more about and clicking through to it to the appropriate page will work a lot better.


So there you have it Instagram link strategy and my recommended link in bio services. Now if you really like these tips make sure you tell us in comment section so that we can understand that what type of content you are liking and can give you more value about your wanted subject.

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