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Today, YouTube boasts of over 2 billion logged-in monthly users. And every day, YouTube users watch over a billion hours of videos, which generates more than a billion views. Apart from that, about of online YouTube viewers say they have used it to find new products or brands. In addition, 68% of YouTube users admit that they have used the platform to find their product or brand of choice.

If the above statistics mean anything to your business, this is the right time to incorporate YouTube into your marketing campaigns. It doesn’t matter whether your business is new or you have been into business for a long time. YouTube helps you promote brand awareness and reach a broader audience base to convert viewers into paying customers.

With a vast audience and multimedia formats, YouTube offers you an effective way to communicate your business message to billions of potential buyers. Not only is it a promotional tool, but YouTube is also a video host that helps you create trust, authority, and recognition by having a business channel.

Reasons Why Your Business Can Scale Using YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Videos Promote Brand Awareness

YouTube allows you to create a business channel that helps increase . When more people know about your brand, you will get reliable buyers. About 54% of buyers wish to watch video content from a business or a brand before supporting it.

So, you can use your YouTube channel to share all kinds of information that helps your customers understand more about your company or brand. You may choose to produce videos about your company’s core values, provide rich storytelling, or demonstrate how your brand works. All of that will help you make your buyers know more about your products, converting them into reliable buyers.

YouTube Builds Brand Trust Through Customer Testimonials

Buyers need to trust your company or brand before buying from you. Through a YouTube testimonial video, you can win the hearts of potential buyers and get them to consider your products and services. When you share videos, your customers will see you as you talk about your products and services. You can also show them how they work. However, your marketing campaign will be even more effective if you feature satisfied customers who have used your brand before.

Brands have become too promotional. That’s why new buyers will trust your brand if the other buyers praise what you sell. Customers identify well with other customers. So, in case you’ve been in business for some time, you may have a few customers who have used your products or services and had great things to say about them. Go to them, ask for their permission and record their experiences with your brand. Once you get those clips, you can edit them using a to produce quality customer testimonial videos for your channel.

YouTube Ads Enhance Marketing Campaigns

Have you watched a YouTube video, and then another video just pops up? That’s a YouTube ad. You can scale your business to another height of success through YouTube ads. The platform allows you to display brand videos in different ways. You may use non-skippable video ads that show before a viewer watches the main

Non-skippable ads help you capture quality leads. But you should make sure your ad is engaging and your landing page is set up correctly. Remember, every time YouTube users watch your ad for about 30 seconds, you pay for it. So, you can adopt the use of ads if your budget allows.

Non-skippable ads aren’t the only type of ads you can use to promote your brand on YouTube. You may use YouTube sponsored cards, YouTube midroll ads, YouTube overlay ads, and YouTube display ads. All of these help you take your business information to the screens of YouTube users, and that gives you a chance to convert them into buyers.

Apart from just seeing your ads, YouTube allows you to find customers through advanced targeting using ads. That means you can engage in target marketing. Here, you gather customers’ information like location, gender, and age, before placing your ads. Narrowing your ads to the intended audience increases the likelihood of your business information reaching the right buyers at the right time.

YouTube Videos Enable Collaborations with Influencers

Influencers are powerful brand allies, and they will help popularize your business. have millions of engaged audiences and passionate fans looking for content. And if your brand is endorsed by a YouTuber with a huge following, getting tons of new subscribers and buyers will be a done deal. Many people will buy from you simply because someone popular they love has recommended your products and services.

Do you intend to launch a new brand? You may want your influencer counterpart to develop an eye catching and exciting video that incorporates your brand somehow. On the other hand, you may request a YouTube influencer to introduce your product through a video review. Whichever way your influencer does introductory campaigns, you can be sure they will be able to influence their followers to buy your brand.

YouTube Videos Foster Personal Connections with Customers

How do you always feel when buying from a company or person you know and trust? Chances are you never have doubts, and you are mostly satisfied. That’s a common experience. Many buyers or customers love buying from companies or people they know and trust.

YouTube gives you an exceptional medium to present yourself and make your potential buyers feel like they know you. If you’re just starting with YouTube marketing, you can post two or more videos introducing yourself. Make sure to talk about why you’re in business and what your qualifications are. Such content has the power to influence your audience to consider your brand.

Make your buyers comfortable and show how genuinely you care about helping them solve their issues. However, you should keep everything short — to about two minutes. If you have captured a long clip talking about yourself, you can trim your footage with the help of a YouTube video editor. That way, you will have content that doesn’t bore your viewers.

YouTube is a Good Platform to Prove Your Expertise

Every day, YouTube users search for answers to any questions or solutions to their problems. That gives you a good opportunity to build a voice and authority in your business industry.

You can use YouTube to reach your target audience and offer expertise through a short video with tips and advice which can attract traffic to your business site.


YouTube can give your business great exposure via video marketing. Through a YouTube video, you can personally connect with current and potential buyers through comments which also helps build good relationships.

Customers want to buy from sellers or companies they can trust. Therefore, using videos helps your buyers get to know you more, which builds trust around your brand and attracts more customers.

If you have a specific target group you want to engage with, YouTube ads offer a great way to do so. Begin with YouTube marketing today, and enjoy greater success.

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