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Hi! Today I am going to tell you to Avoid These Mistakes On Facebook Messenger Marketing. I have a story from this lady that reached out to me on Facebook and it just illustrated to me something that was like I don’t want to do that in my Facebook organic marketing and I thought let me share it with you.

So she made a post in this group I’m in. I liked the post. It was cool. It was just a simple quote on a graphic. I rarely post a comment on things like that but I like that one so I made a genuine comment. And I couldn’t believe it she hearted my comment immediately like she was just waiting which was good.

Now that’s a good point. You make a post in a group, you wait around for 10–15 minutes to kind of interact with people.

So she hearts my post. I was like okay cool! She’s online too. Now she messaged me immediately after she hearted it, and then she sent me the message. So I went and looked at the message and I could tell it was a cut and paste job. It had a bunch of emojis in it. it said something like hi so-and-so. And she was offering me to download her free pdf ebook thing.

She didn’t even leave a comment on my comment of her post and it just made me feel a little awkward, and this is not a good way to do organic marketing. But we’re trying to do this organic marketing thing because everybody doing it. It’s really increased in the last year or two. And I just see so many people messing it up and I don’t like it.

Anyway, I did not respond to her because when she send me some copy-paste message and I was like “you lost your chance lady. I’m not interested in you”. It was no offense to her but I’m just not her target market. So here is another tip. Reach out to people that you think are actually in your target market. And I don’t think she did that because she didn’t check me out. She didn’t take the time to go to my profile and check it.

I replied to her “Hey! I see your message. I’m not interested in your ebook. I’m just not the right person for this at this time but all the best of luck to you. But I am curious what kind of percentage of response do you get from sending out these messages like you just did to me.”

Let me tell you the more you do that, the higher quality of relationship you will lose with your prospects on Facebook organic marketing that you’re trying to do. So that’s my tip. Treat People Like People.

You should always optimize your profile on Facebook because people actually check you out and scope out your profile like they are doing every day when you friend them, or when you make posts in Facebook groups. They are checking out your profile.

If your profile is not optimized to attract those people when they come to check you out, you are losing your chance. So optimize your profile.

Hope it helps. I told you this story because a lot of people are making this agressive marketing mistake and this is not good at all. If you found this article helpful, please tell us in the comment section. And you can also share this article with someone who is new in this social media industry so that it can help them to send page-like invitations effectively. And of course if you want to know more about Facebook Messenger Marketing you can read this article from Facebook.

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