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Hi guys! Today I am going to talk about 6 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers In 2022. This is the more favourate question of a new Instagram user who just started using Instagram that how he/she can get more instagram followers and it seems very hard to do it. So I am going to expose my methods now. And we are starting right now.

Post Good Quality Photos

My number one tip would be to make sure that you do post Instagram-worthy photos. Make sure that they are high quality. You should use some of the 3rd party apps like CameraPlus or VSCOcam. There are so many great free apps out there. Some cost a little bit money of money but you get what you pay for. And of course, right in the Instagram app, there are so many, I think 22 great filters that you can play around with. So first and foremost the quality of your photo has to be awesome.

Promote Your Instagram Page On Other Social Media

The second tip is to tell people on your other social platforms that you’re actually on Instagram.

One of the places that I like to direct people to Instagram from is Facebook. I tell people that I’m on Instagram. Make sure you put your hyperlink there and announce that you’re on Instagram. So announce on Facebook.

The second-place is the biggest video platoform that is YouTube. If you have a good following on YouTube then you can send your viewers to your Instagram page easily..

The third-place one of our personal favorites as of late is announcing it on periscope. So tell people when you’re scoping come on over to Instagram and leave a comment on periscope that you’re here with me today so that we can continue connecting on Instagram.

And then the fourth place which is one of your personal favorites is Snapchat. Snapchat is a really great platform. I love the ephemeral nature of it, and just shouting out and telling people that if they liked your story, and they liked what you’re doing on Snapchat, probably they like what you’re doing on Instagram as well. So let them know that you’re on Instagram.

Ask People To Tag Their Friends On Your Post

The third tip is actually something I do frequently and a lot of people don’t know how to do this the right way. I think it is when someone comments on your photo in a real authentic way and they like the value that you’re giving in the post, ask them nicely to tag their friends, because if they’re actively engaging there is a high possibility to do that.

So asking them to tag, they’re not feeling like wait why are you asking me to do that. You’re saying like a tag so more eyeballs can get on my post. So that is a way to do that in a friendly way.

Authenticallu Enage With Other People

Tip number four. This is the most important is engagement. Authentically engage if someone has educated you, entertained you, made you laugh, made you cry, made you smile. Let them know in the comments on their posts and tell them why.

A lot of the times people will just say a nice photo or a nice pic but that doesn’t really give anybody a reason to come back and check out your profile or engage with you back. And I’m very suspicious of those nice pics, nice photos. Especially when it’s a video. Make sure that you’re going to leave a comment that is relevant to the actual post.

Use Trending Hashtags

Okay and number five. Something has changed when Instagram updated the app in June where you can now look at trending hashtags in the explore feature on Instagram. There are actually 16 trending hashtags.

So if you don’t know which hashtags to use on some of your posts, you can go in there and see what’s trending each and every day, and use some of those hashtags on your posts so that more eyeballs get on your content.

A lot of people ask me about putting hashtags in the caption. Well, you should not do that. When you put your hashtags in the initial description, first of all, it looks a little desperate a little spammy. It’s not necessary.

Avoid Unknown Third Party Apps To Gain Followers

And you have one final bonus tip. Let me tell you, do not use third-party apps to get followers. So many people have messaged me an Instagram direct message me on Instagram, or message me on Facebook, and they’ve actually lost their account gone they don’t know what they did. And I asked them if they used a third-party app.

Usually, what happens a lot of these apps do not comply with Instagram’s API, so you need to be very careful. And I always say that you should never have to ask for the following, you should earn a follow by video value.

And it is not the number of followers, it’s the quality. Numbers don’t matter. It’s how many people are engaging, and how many people are clicking your link, opting into your content, actually following you, and communicating with you. And I think a lot of people also have thought about buying followers from some unknown sources which is another thing you should not do.


So these are some tips you can apply to get more followers on Instagram and trust me these all works. Now if you really like these tips make sure you tell us in comment section so that we can understand that what type of content you are liking and can give you more value about your wanted subject.

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