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Hi influencers ! Today we are going to talk about 5 Super Instagram Video Editing Apps You Must Use In 2022. Instagram videos are increasingly becoming a great way to stand out amongst all of the clutter and posts that are coming at you all day long.

So I have five favorite apps that you can use to make great Instagram videos to really help your brand stand out and to really engage your audience. So I’m going to talk about how to format your videos, whether it’s for widescreen or you want to make square videos.

Why Instagram Videos Are Important

And more in today’s tutorial first let’s talk about why Instagram is so important. It’s the fastest growing social network with over 300 million users. And it’s owned by Facebook which has the most active users of any social platform, five times more than Twitter actually. And the 15-second time limit has definitely proven effective for plenty of brands.

I use Squaready video. So it’s really easy app to use. You open it up, go to your albums, pick the video that you want and it will automatically format it into widescreen. And you can also make it a little bit bigger, or a little bit smaller depending on the format of your Instagram profile. And then you can also automatically save it to your camera roll, or you can upload it directly to Instagram through the app as well.

If you don’t want a widescreen video, and you want a video that actually fits within the square format of Instagram, HandBrake is a great option. It’s free. You can simply download this.

In this app you go to the source, you pick which video you want, import it and then you browse to where you want to save it to. Then go to picture settings, and the formatted print for Instagram is 640 by 640. You’re going to move this down to 640 by 640 and then exit out of this. Then you go start, and it will export to the wanted location. You can email this file to yourself and upload it to Instagram. It would fit perfectly.

If you want to do a video collage on Instagram, use Vidstitch. You open up the layout that you want to choose the video from your library. Choose multiple videos or you can also use a photo instead. You can move the videos around to fit the frame and then you just export it. You can export it straight to Instagram or save it on your photo album to upload later to see what the finished product looks like.

To get that really speedy time-lapse effect, the easiest app to use is Instagram’s own Hyperlapse and you can download that on pretty much any device. Finally, you can add filters to your videos within Instagram
But if you want to do it before you upload then use iMovie and it’s really simple. You have your videos in the timeline, and then you go to the video effects, and you can choose anyone you want to make it look a little bit different, and to add that filtered quality to it. So that’s really easy.

And then if you want to add music to your videos before you upload them to Instagram, you can do that through iTunes in iMovie as well. Hit the itunes icon, go to the song that you want import, and then you just drag and drop into your video, and you will have music. iMovie is available as an app on your phone.

So once you have your music, and your filters, and everything is edited together to the length that you want it, you go to file share file again, and then you’re going to export it in the lowest quality, and on the lowest resolution, so the file is small enough for you to email it. Once you’ve emailed the file to yourself, you open it up in your email, you save it to your camera roll, and then you can take that video and upload it to Instagram.


So these are some simpla Instagram Video Editing Apps you can use to edit your Instagram videos. If you have some favorite Instagram video editing apps make sure that you put them in the comments section below as well.

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