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Hello YouTubers ! I’m going to tell you how about 5 Brilliant Tips To Choose A YouTube Channel Name, so that people can easily remember who you are, they can find you quickly, and they can watch more of your videos, and tell other people about you. And we’re starting right now.

I know how difficult it is to find a name for a YouTube channel. So I’m going to help you with that. I have these five tips that are going to help you through your process of finding a username for YouTube. But before we get started let me know down in the comments below the problems that you’re running into when you’re hunting for your username, so that I can address them later in future articles.

Should Be Easy To Remember

Number one: You want to make your channel name as easy to remember as possible. That’s an obvious thing to say but you know a lot of people make names that are long drawn with a bunch of numbers in them and it becomes difficult to remember.

Especially if somebody saying “Hey ! I just watched this guy’s video and it’s awesome. You should check out his channel. His channel name is something XYZ3454”. As you can see that is a very difficult name to remember. So you want to keep your names as short as possible.

And you also don’t want to use numbers in your name if you can avoid it. And the reason for that is if I say hey check out XYZ768, then the person that I’m telling they don’t know if 768 is the numbers or they are words. So you want to make sure that everything is clear.

Should Be Easy To Pronounce

Number two: once you have a name that you think that you’re going to run with, you should say it out loud. You should say it out loud a lot and make sure that it’s something that’s easily understood. If your channel has not had some easy pronunciation then it will be difficult for you to tell somebody and it will also be difficult for others to understand it and remember it.

So make sure that you keep little details like that in your name in mind when you’re naming your channel so that you don’t into problems like that in the future.

This is another reason that you should not use a number in your name because every single time you say your name because it can not be pronounced in a flow. The whole goal with a good user name is one it brand your channel properly, two is something easy to remember so people can easily spread the word about your channel.

Domain Name Should Be Available

Number three: Whatever name that you decide to go with, you want to make sure that you can get the domain name for it. When I say the domain name you can roll with a “.net” or “.co.in”. But I personally prefer to grab the “.com”.

And the same thing goes for social media. If you can’t get the social media accounts that go with your name, then you might want to keep looking for another name.

And the reason for this is you have to make sure that you get your name on all of the social media outlets because

  1. you know you want to make sure that you brand everything so that people can find you easily on every platform they go to and,
  2. you don’t want somebody else taking your name, or you don’t want people confusing you with someone else.

So you have to make sure that you secure all the social media accounts and your “.com” domain. Other versions of the web domain with your YouTube channel name do that make sense.

Should Be Relavant To Your Videos

number four Make sure that your name is relevant to the type of videos that you are putting out. The reason for this one is on all of your social media accounts and your domain, if your name is Mark Space Videos (just as an example) then when somebody sees your user name because they’re most likely going to see your user name before they see your content, they know that Mark Space Videos has most likely got something to do with space videos. So it’s relevant. So they say “Okay! I’m somebody that likes space stuff, so I’m gonna click on this guy’s username, and see what his space videos are about,”

So that brought you, somebody because your name was relevant to the videos that you’re making. However let’s say that you make gaming videos, but you decided initially to name your channel Mark’s Space Videos. What’s going to happen then. Well, people are going to see your username, they’re gonna click on your username, they’re gonna get your channel, they’re gonna say “oh ! wait a minute. I was expecting space videos, and this guy’s showing me gaming videos. This isn’t what I’m looking for. So I’m not gonna watch his videos. I’m definitely not going to subscribe to his channel because his name wasn’t relevant to content.

Use Good Tools To Search Names

Don’t be afraid to use tools to help you come up with your username.

For example, there’s a website called Brandbucket.com, where if I’m trying to name something I’ll always hit Brandbucket.com. The reason for that is because they have a bunch of variables of different types of names, and they’re awesome names. Because they are a domain name reseller so they have a lot of really creative stuff on there. So I hit there first just to see if I get any ideas from their suggestions or from the stuff that they offer.

Another awesome tool that is often overlooked when it comes to coming up with user name ideas for your YouTube channel is a Thesaurus, but the source is great. Because if somebody already has the name that you want on YouTube, you can hit up the source to come up with other variations of the name that you want, plug those in, and see if any of those are available. So that can be an extremely helpful tool when you are searching for your user name.

Another great tool that I want to recommend to you is called Namecheck.com. Basically this website you can just type in whatever name it is that you want, and it will show you across all of the major social media platforms if that name is available or not. So it’s going to save you a ton of time looking for your username.


Okay, so these are my five tips you must remember before naming a YouTube channel. As as a bonus I also mentioned some tools for this task. And if you learned something new today tell us in comment section.

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