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I’m going to give you 28 YouTube Tips And Tricks to make your YouTube journey easier for you we’re going at rapid-fire style and we’re starting right now.

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1.Always remember to white balance your camera so that your colors can be on point.

2.Use a tool like tubebuddy to know when the best day is and the best time is to upload your videos.

3.Channel optimization is extremely important to make sure that you have your playlist laid out properly and that you have your channel tags in there, and you have your channel art that represents what it is that you’re doing, and you put text on there to let people know that you’re doing, etc to optimize your channel page.

4.If you are a small channel go for very specific keyword phrases. That’s going to help you rank better instead of trying to compete for broad phrases, that all the large channels are going to dominate.

5.Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people in the genre videos that you’re making and try to collaborate with other YouTubers. You’d be astonished at how helpful this is. It growing your channel.

6.Install the YouTube creator studio app onto your smartphone. They make it for iPhone and Android. It’s made by YouTube so that you can easily manage your channel on the phone also.

7.You must be interacting with your community even as a small channel. Make sure that you check in with your comments at least once a day, so that you know for those people that do come in and subscribe. Make sure that you are answering those people.

8.Go to your subscriber list and check out the channels your subscribers interact with them leave them comments on their stuff. I love it when I get hearts when I comment on people’s channels makes me feel so cared for even though it takes like a split second to do.

9.Make sure that your channel branding is solid. You should have accounts in all the important social networking sites so that people can easily communicate to you.

10.Try to use the same or a similar video format in all of your videos so that your viewers can get used to how you structure your videos, and also you can get used to how you structure your videos. It makes it so much easier if the style of content is fixed. It saves you a ton of time in the editing process also.

11.Add some saturation if you want to get creative in the background that you have. Go ahead and add some Christmas lights or whatever it is that you want to do. Just try to do something that helps your videos stand out from everyone else.

12.Make helpful videos. I talk about this all the time. You’re making helpful videos and people will want to subscribe to you.

13.If you are using an external microphone try to get that microphone as close to you as you possibly can. Do not set it on the top of your camera because it’s too far away. Instead, put it on a stand or set it on something closer to you. So that it can pick up your audio quality better.

14.Play with your pacing. Play with the tone of your voice. Play with the fluctuations of your voice. If you want to talk about something and you want to be excited about it sometimes, or if you want to talk seriously then talk seriously because people connect with the emotion that you put in your camera.

What I mean is they’re listening to you. It’s important. No matter what it is that you’re doing. You transition your emotion through your camera lens. If you can avoid it try not to record in a place that has airplanes flying over in the middle of the day.

15.If you don’t know what to say in your videos you keep getting tongue-tied or whatever, and it’s just kind of messing up your videos, then use a script or an outline or bullet points or talking points whatever you want to call it. It’s going to help you out

16.Ask people to subscribe and comment towards the front of your videos and when you do this don’t just say “Hey guys. If you want more videos like this subscribe to my channel”. Don’t do that. For a new viewer, they don’t know what type of video it is that you are giving them. So saying more videos like this they don’t know what types of videos you have.

So you need to tell them exactly what type of content you’re going to give them, and then ask them to subscribe. It is not a big deal. Just a slight structure change and a little bit more information can go a long way.

17.Go into your analytics for your video and see where people are dropping off. Tight before the drop-off point add a card at that point, so that the people that are watching the video have a greater chance of going and watching another video of yours before they drop off.

YouTube provides features and they keep features for reasons. They keep the card because people click on them. After all, they’re mobile-friendly, because they work. You might not get a huge amount of clicks but you do get clicks.

18.Don’t add a logo at the very front of your video before your video starts. People hate that.
When your channel grows, you have a large archive of videos, all of that stuff accumulates into more watch time which is very important. That includes the In-screens. Make sure that you use the In-screens in your videos as well.

19.Take advantage of YouTube’s branding watermark which is that little thing that comes in right downside. Use that feature. People click it, and they use it to subscribe to your channel. Take advantage of it.

20.If you can find a subreddit that applies to your channel, share your videos there.

21.If you can find Facebook groups that apply to what it is that you talk about in your channel, share your videos there.

22.With every video, you upload post it on Twitter and make sure that you use hashtags that are relevant to the content.

23.It’s going to save you a lot of headaches a lot of stress if you make some videos in advance. On recording day when you’re planning to make your videos make some extra videos, so that if you did not get the time and you just can’t make videos on your normal day make sure that you have some in the advance. It takes off so much stress.

24.Make awesome thumbnails. Thumbnails are in most cases the very first point of contact with your content for new subscribers, or for people that have not even subscribers, for people that haven’t seen your channel before. So make sure that your thumbnails are awesome.

25.Keep an open mind about the things that you hear. I mean people talk about clickbait all the time. Here’s the thing. Clickbait works. There are two different kinds of clickbait. There’s misleading clickbait. There’s clickbait that when you click on the video it hasn’t that you click on the thumbnail. It has absolutely nothing to do with what the video is about. The title has nothing to do with it. This is very bad clickbait and that you actually shouldn’t do.

The other form of clickbait is stuff that grabs attention, the stuff that people want to click on stuff, that challenges the opinions of people, stuff that makes people think. It’s not negative clickbait because when people click on the video they’re getting answers to the question that they asked themselves when they saw the thumbnail or you’re delivering the content that they click on your thumbnail.

26.Keep in mind that there are many ways to succeed on YouTube for some people with subscribers, for some people it’s view counts, for some people, it’s just driving traffic to a website, or just doing something to get exposure to their business.

Success on YouTube does not only equate to subscribers. Some people are very successful on YouTube. They use YouTube as a tool and they have less than 10,000 subscribers. So keep that in mind as well and focus on whatever goal it is that you have, or whatever success metric that you have, and not so much on that number that’s next to the red button.

27.Edit your videos. Edit out your “ohm’s” and “ahhs”. Nobody wants to sit there and watch somebody process. What I mean is it just kind of kills the whole momentum of everything. Nobody wants to watch that.

28.Work with templates. Have a base video file that has your intro in it. It has all of your other calls to action. It has your end card. It has everything in it that you normally need so all you have to do is drop your videos in and start editing them. It makes everything a lot faster that way and you don’t have to recreate that file every single time.

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